Meg Headshot_Annawithlove_WEB--3 copyThink of me as your “friendly, neighbourhood wordsmith”! I’m here to help you say what you really want to say to your audience, to get your message across.

I was the obnoxious one who always corrected everyone else’s grammar and diction, the one to whom my friends brought their university papers to edit. Ask and a particular friend will tell you that the word “parallelism” has been seared into her brain. I was even a member of Mensa’s “Grammar Police” for a while, which only served to make me even more insufferable. So, instead of annoying everyone around me, I’m offering my services and expertise to those who believe they can benefit from them.

I gained significant copy editing and writing experience during my insurance years: I was responsible for writing and editing the content for my Toronto employer’s newsletter to external shareholders, and a large part of my responsibilities in my various roles in the U.S. included copy editing and proofreading company materials and communications to guarantee proper language and content in accordance with strict industry compliance. I have most often used the Chicago Manual of Style and The Canadian Style (yes, the lower case in the “the” in first title and the upper case in the second are intentional!).

I hope to offer true publishing house standards in an accessible, approachable package. Even though I have been doing this most of my life, I continue to keep my skills sharp and keep up with the industry by taking courses at Ryerson University. I am an accredited member of the Editors’ Association of Canada.