Tips on Making Creamy, Garlicky Toum

Grew up in the Middle East where I was partial to a number of mouth-watering delicacies. Among these is one I seek out everywhere I go, but can rarely find in its true form. The Lebanese call this prep...

Deliciously, Delectable Brunch…At Home!

My husband loves to cook. Fortunately – for everyone concerned – so do I. The first time we “officially” met (discounting hurried smiles and murmured words in the hallway), he had just cooked a sumptuo...

Dancing, Tapas and More at New York’s Xunta

I’m a huge fan of flamenco, enjoying the New York Flamenco Festival as many years as I possibly could. The colours, the speed, the rhythm and the staccato percussion sweeps me away on a Spanish j...

Decorating Small Spaces… to Accommodate Cats!

Being an animal lover, I longed to keep a cuddly, furry creature for almost as long as I lived in New York. However, tenant rules forbade me until I finally moved to a tiny one-bedroom (think a bachelo...
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