You’ve probably looked at the websites of other editing services, and found something like this:

“… three levels of editing: copy-editing, stylistic and structural editing. These are the differences between the three…”

Bet you stopped reading at “structural”. Don’t worry, I’ll break it down for you.


Have you written a post or a piece and aren’t entirely sure if you’ve gotten your grammar (“Bob and me” or “Bob and I”?) or your spelling (“separately” or “seperately”) right?

Or perhaps you’ve done some really intensive research and written an article or paper, but citations just tick you off.

Let me take care of these pesky little details for you. My Basic Editing service, also known as Proofreading, will take care of:

 – Grammatical errors including punctuation.

 – Spelling errors.

 – Citation errors or issues.

 – Streamlining bibliographies and references.

 – I’ll even streamline special elements such as tables, photos and lists, so you don’t have to mess around with your word processor’s idiosyncracies.


Okay, so you’ve written your piece… but when you give it to someone else to read, he has trouble following your thoughts. You know exactly what you mean, but your reader keeps stopping to ask you questions that you were sure you answered coherently in your writing.

No worries: with Advanced Editing, apart from correcting grammar, spelling and all that jazz, I’ll also:

 – Edit for content and clarity.

 – Correct syntax.

 – Suggest alternatives to words or phrases used (and tell you why I think the alternative should be used).


Now, you’ve written your piece, and you’re very pleased with it because you’ve managed to get all your brilliant thoughts and ideas down on paper. Yay! Now you sit back and read through it again.

And discover that you are having trouble following your own thoughts. Yes, all the pertinent pieces are there, but the entire thing feels disjointed, abrupt. Would that paragraph work better up top? Maybe you should change the order in which you’ve put your points down. Or perhaps you should explain this one point a bit more…

Think of this package as a virtual editing course tailored to your specific piece of writing. The Overhaul Package does… well, everything. Not only does it include everything in the first two levels of service, but I’ll also:

 – Edit for structure and flow.

 – Eliminate redundancies.

 – Generally overhaul your work.

You’ll end up with a polished, flowing, easy-to-read piece of writing which will be a pleasure for your audience to peruse.

Now, regardless of which level of editing you choose for your manuscript, I will provide a Style Sheet in which you can see at a glance which specific grammar rules I’ve used, how numbers and punctuation have been treated and spelling decisions. You need never look at this if you don’t want to, but if you want to see some of the work behind your final piece, or are wondering why I made a certain decision, the Style Sheet will help guide you.

If you are unsure of which level of editing your writing needs, feel free to use the quoting tool to send me up to 3 pages of your work for evaluation.